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Checklist for Minor Pilgrimage:

Umrah is a sacred minor pilgrimage to Holy city Makkah, which is not an obligatory act of worship but it is highly recommended to perform at least once in life span. Performing the rites and rituals in Umrah is not an easy task to do, because of the great amount of the influx in makkah pilgrims suffer too many issues and there are many other problems and difficulties that pilgrims face when they are in Makkah.

Moreover this if pilgrim forgets to bring any item which is necessary for him or her they might be in trouble, this point should be take in to consideration and a person should make a proper checklist consists of those items and goods which they think are essential; for their sacred trip of performing Umrah. We should make ourselves prepared completely in order to avoid facing problems or trouble throughout the sacred voyage; we suggest making a list of items which are essential and necessary items.

In this piece of article we will tell our readers list of necessary things that will help you in making your own checklist Umrah. We have listed down some of the most commonly used and necessary items that you might need there but you can add or remove any item according to your preference and need. Following is the checklist for Umrah;


  • Make sure that you have packed all of the important documents with you like your NIC, Visa, Passport, etc. Before you leave for Makkah for performing Umrah.
  • Do not forget to pack your medicines if you are patient of heart or blood pressure or any other particular disease then bring all you medicines and also pack some of the common medicines like panadol, disprin etc because of great amount of people there chances becomes more to get attacked by virus pr germ. So bring general medicines with you.
  • Umrah can be performed when a person wears Ihram so make sure that you must pack extra ihram sheets about 2 or 3 Ihram so in case of any circumstance, you will have your extra Ihram. Ihram for men consists of two piece of white coloured plain cloth and for holding the Ihram men usually use belt and for Ihram for women, is just their own loose clothing but make sure that not any part of female body showing or permanent.
  • Pack some authentic Islamic books regarding umrah guidance to or you can also download an app for this.
  • Pack some authentic Islamic books regarding umrah guidance to or you can also download an app for this.
  • It is advisable to note down complete procedure of performing Umrah step by step somewhere, so you will not forget or skip any of the step.
  • You will get praying mat easily from there but it is advisable to bring your own prayer mat because this will save your time in searching mat. As we all know that weather of city Makkah is scorching and burning hot and a person finds it quite difficult to sit directly sit on burning floor, prayer mat help in sitting on floor. Buy travelling prayer mat which is very easy to carry and even do not take more space in your luggage.
  • Try to bring some of the snacks, biscuits, toffee or any other thing you like that you can eat to remove your hunger.
  • Pack item that you use daily such as comb, soap (unscented) toothbrush, lotion (unscented), toothpaste, shampoo (unscented), nail cutter, towel etc.
  • Pairs of slippers that are wear in the state of Ihram and also other shoes or slippers for common use of going somewhere, as your slippers misplaces or ruptures.
  • Try to bring Easy to carry hand or shoulder bag that you can carry while performing umrah by putting essential things and important documents in it and these bags are very easy to handle and comfortable to carry during your sacred journey. This bag will help to carry money important things etc.
  • Do not forget to pack extra charger for your mobile or any other gadget that you are carrying. Id you just bring one charger so in case if it damages, you will might stuck in trouble so in order to avoid any kind of problem or trouble we advise you to bring extra chargers.
  • If you have doubt that you will forget to count the rounds if tawaaf then pack tawaaf counter in your luggage.
  • Because of huge crowd there chances are major that you misplace your any of document etc, so before leaving for umrah make 2 to 3 photocopies of your all documents and bring both photocopied and original documents with you. Also give set of photocopied important documents to any of your family member or friend whom you trust blindly. Email yourself all the documents to avoid any circumstance. This is the most important thing to do because if you lost any of your documents then Saudi government can take strict action.
  • Bring an extra empty handy bag in you luggage because pilgrims in their free times usually visit malls and buy things so when returning back to their home they carry more items, extra bag will help to pack all those items which you have bought from their.

We hope that this checklist of umrah will help you when you pack your own bags.

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