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5 Star Luxury Shifting Hajj Packages

£ 4986

5 Star Luxury Shifting Hajj Packages

  • Makkah Hotel - Swissotel or simliar
  • Makkah Hotel - Hilton Suites or simliar
  • Madinah Hotel - Millenium Taiba or similar (Full Board)
  • Departure: 14 August 2018
  • Retrun: 9 September 2018
  • Flight Tickets are Included
  • Hajj Guide Booklet
  • Mattress and pillow in Mina
  • Qurbani Included
  • Draft Included
  • Transport included as per provision by Hajj Ministry
  • Fully Guided Tour
  • Hajj Seminar


  • 14 / 15 AUG Meet and greet at airport. and depart for Jeddah. A team leader will be with you. Once you Land in Jeddah airport it can take over 6 Hours to get out of the terminal. This is beyond our control. Once the formailities are complete we will make way to Aziziyah apartments.
  • 15 / 16 AUG Once you arrivee in Azzizyah you will have the opportunity to eat and rest.Depending on the time of arrival in Aziziyah the First Umrah may be performed later on the day
  • 15 / 16 AUG We will take you via private transfer to Haram perform your first Umrah.Once this is complete you will return to Azizyah to relax and prepare for Hajj. There will be various lectures in Aziziyah.
  • 18 AUGThe entire group will make may to Mina.We will spend the whole of 8th Dhul Hijjah in Mina. Various lectures wil be given throughout the day.
  • 20 AUG The group will make way to Arafat and spend the whole day in Arafat.
  • 20 AUG In the evening the group will make way to Mudzhalifah where you will stay the night and just after Fajr return to Mina.
  • 21 AUG Most Strenous day of Hajj.In the morning the group will return from Muzdhalifah.Regroup in Mina and then gradually make way to Jamarat, which needs to be done before Zawwal. After Jamarat the group will go to Aziziyah and wait for news on Qurbani. Once Qurbani is done you become Halal. About 4pm the first group will go to Haram to perform Tawaf Ifadah. The next group will go at 8 pm. Once Tawaf done each group will go back to Mina.
  • 22 AUGThe group will leave for Jamarat after Zawwal to stone all three Jamarats and return to Mina.
  • 23 AUG The group will leave for Jamarat after Zawwal to stone all three Jammarats and return to Mina.
  • 24 AUGThe group will leave for Jamarat after Zawwal to stone all threee Jamarats and return to Aziziyah.
  • 25 AUGIn the morning we will do our Makkah sightseeing tour. We Start transfering Hujjaj to Makkah Hotel in the late evening. Where we will stay for 7 Days near Haram.
  • 1 Sep The group will leave for Madinah Al Munawarrah and check in to 5* there. Again one day will be arranged for Hujajj to undertake Sightseeing of Madinah.
  • 9 Sep Return to UK from Madinah airport.