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Actual Essence of Umrah

In order to perform minor pilgrimage it is necessary to know that your intention is initial and most important factor that must keep in mind. Intention for performing Umrah is the essence of the sacred journey and whoever is going to perform minor pilgrimage should have to understand that basis of all rites and ritual performs in minor pilgrimage is niyyat. In religion Islam mostly acts are based on intention and sincere intention brings great fruit as this is the most important part of religion Islam, thus Muslim willing to perform Umrah must have to undertake with honesty. Pilgrims who are going to leave for minor pilgrimage soon, make sure that whatever they have earned or whatever their source of income must be earned Halal and all must acquired in the Halal way.

If a Msulim desires to earn much more with this sacred trip to Makkah then he or she has to perform all the rites carefully and sincerely with pure intention, try to earn maximum for your life Hereafter which is everlasting. For your sacred journey, your best provision will be true intention and Taqwa.

Pilgrims have to wear Ihram which is the sacred state of Ihram, without wearing the clothing of Umrah one can not perform rites of minor pilgrimage. When Pilgrim all set to run his sacred journey, he must possess fear and great hope in heart of the acceptance of his or her sacred voyage of minor pilgrimage. Pilgrims must have of ALLAH Almighty in their hearts and hope for His Mercy.

Promise yourself that this journey will change you and when you will be returned from the sacred voyage, you will become a pious and virtuous Muslim. Make strong promise and keep it fix in your mind that you have to stay on this promise at any cost, your promise must not be like other worldly promises which can break easily, your promise must stays for the whole life.

Pilgrims have to perform different duties and acts at various stages of the minor pilgrimage. When you will be done with the performance all rituals your mind and heart must be filled with strong hope and try hard that minor pilgrimage accepted. After completion of your minor pilgrimage you will feel and realise that you are inwardly and outwardly now filled with righteousness, love and kindness.

If you feel something better and positive change in yourself then you reach to the actual conclusion of this sacred trip to Makkah. While performing minor pilgrimage you will meet Muslims from all around the world having different languages, castes, nationalities and colour etc but they are gathered on one place to perform the rites and rituals of Umrah.

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