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Secure Yourself after Coming Back From Umrah

When a Muslim is in Makkah he promises himself that he will always stay away from all the negativities and evil acts. After completing minor pilgrimage when pilgrims return back to their home they bring back lots of blessed and precious memories with them of the sacred journey. Pilgrims learn so many things and lessons they must apply after coming back to sacred voyage to the rest of their lives in this world. In this we will tell you some suggestions that you can easily follow and by this you can save yourself from slipping into deep well of darkness and mistakes and you will be able to keep your minor pilgrimage for life.

    * Pilgrims are advised to maintain the level of spirituality, pious, virtuousness and ibadah that they had on their sacred journey.
    * When a person performs Umrah he becomes completely clean and purified, his soul becomes clean and purified and thus he will be able to recognise the sins and mistakes which he has performed and sins now comes in his way in much more simple manner. In this way, a person can easily keep his heart and soul as clean as possible.
    * Try to Protect your senses and souls from all kind of dirt and filth and stay away from every single sights and sounds that can easily corrupt your heart and soul, and if you come across them and hear or see them, try instantly to divert your mind in something good or you can start remembering ALLAH Almighty this can erase their effects from your mind by replacing with those experiences and blessed times that you have experienced when you were in Makkah for the performance of minor pilgrimage. Like if you see any non-mehram (opposite sex) wearing indecent clothes then in this case try to immediately change your focus and close your eyes. If you at some place and hear music and songs playing around you, then try to recite verses of Holy Quran in your heart immediately and throw that music out of your mind.

Shaitaan is the worst enemy of human especially Muslims he always try to use your senses to enter in negative world and corrupting your heart slowly, shaitaan always try to divert Muslim’s minds from the positive he takes Muslims towards greed and show them lavishness and luxuries of life. It is better to always close gates and all entries for shaitaan, guard yourself from evil tactics of shaitaan and indulge in virtuous acts.

When you are back from minor pilgrimage protect yourself from worldly pleasure and keep the teaching in mind that you got from the sacred journey. May ALLAH Almighty accept your pilgrimage and bestow His blessings on you. Ameen

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