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Some Important Tips That Is Helpful In Performing Hajj

Hajj is the most spiritual duty that is compulsory to perform if you are financially and physically fit. Hajj is not like the Umrah because it is the toughest obligation of Islam. Every Muslim dream to perform Hajj obligation once in their lifetime. Before going to Hajj you need full awareness like what you bring or not. Here is the specific list of clothes:

    ● 2/3 outfits for every day and one turns with. Privilege the fresh materials like cotton and linen, avoid synthetic, it will quickly become a furnace.
    ● 1 special dress for Eid
    ● 1 vest or 1 polar
    ● 1 or 2 pair of socks (well fleeces) because the marble of the haram always ends up being right off our feet
    ● A good pair of hiking sandals

Before going to Hajj, make sure that you are fully aware of with all the facts and figure of performing the Hajj obligation 2020. Meanwhile, it's important to choose Hajj package deals 2020.

Things You Need To Bring On Hajj

    ● Sunglasses, you will regret not having taken
    ● Sunblock
    ● Cream anti-irritation (because of the friction between the thighs)
    ● Anti-blister patches for the feet
    ● The ear balls Earplanes special plane to dampen pressure variations that, if you have sensitive ears, you may drill (we already had the case, unfortunately).
    ● Handkerchiefs, that always serves
    ● 1 unlocked phone that takes 9 days standby and 3 days in communication
    ● 1 external battery
    ● The necessary chargers
    ● 1 blue card in case
    ● 1 sleeping bag end, it should neither take up much space nor weigh heavy
    ● 1 Quran, mp3 player and a card with duas.
    ● 1 backpack type 25 liters, before I took bigger but frankly no need for more

Hajj is not fulfilled at any time, there is a specific time for performing Hajj, Muslim are supposed to perform Hajj at the time of Dhu al-Hijjah. Meanwhile, the important thing is to choose the best Hajj package from the best travel agency.

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